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Philly Sport Pilot, LLC is a flight training outfit based just outside of Philadelphia   Our goal is to provide fun, safe, and affordable flight training for everyone.  Specializing in disabled pilot training and sport pilot training, our driving motto is that "Flying is for everyone who wants to do it." 



Philly Sport will be sponsoring Freedom Flight 2011.  Please read more and donate to the cause!


















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Philadelphia Sport Pilot Philadelphia Pilot Training Philadelphia Disabled Pilot Training

Philadelphia sport pilot pilot training piloting Philly disabled pilot training private pilot wheelchair piloting LSA light sport light-sport aircraft rental Pennsylvania PA Pa. Philadelphia Pilot Training: Philadelphia's only disabled pilot training program specializing in sport pilot training and LSA aircraft rental for all pilots. Disabled pilot training - Sport Pilot Training - Philadelphia Pilot Training

If you are looking for disabled pilot training or sport pilot training or Philadelphia pilot training you have come to the right place.  Philly sport pilot is the premiere light sport aircraft rental location in Philadelphia.  it is also the disabled pilot training company in Philadelphia.  we are your one stop shop for all piloting needs and information.



Disabled Pilot Training Sport Pilot Training Philadelphia Pilot Training